Event Management

Local Festivals

Local festivals often involve main road closures and this can cause heavy disruptions and delays for traffic. Roads & Traffic Management Services can plan the required road closures for such events, and will direct all traffic and pedestrians in a safe manner, where required.

Charity Festivals

The presence of charity events are increasing and these also involve road closures and large crowds of people. When these two are combined, dangerous situations are created. RTMS maintains the correct equipment necessary, not only to facilitate road closures, and monitor and divert traffic where necessary, but also to barricade the event areas and ensure pedestrians remain safe from all traffic.

Crowd Control

Local events or festivals may also arise in heavy crowds in smaller locations. RTMS has reliable equipment to ensure the safety of all, in such large crowds. We can set up an array of event fences, barricades and barriers, as well as signs to ensure that all pedestrian traffic is moving in a smooth manner, as well as protecting them from any hazardous situations.

Carpark Management

Large events rely on heavy use of car parks and this can also cause heavy delays and traffic congestion in surrounding areas. We offer to manage and direct all cars in the case of these events, ensuring that all traffic flows smoothly in and out.

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