Plans and Permits

Traffic Control Plans

Traffic Control Plans are crucial for every project which impacts road, traffic and pedestrian movements to allow for the safety of all persons surrounding the area. We provide individual traffic control plans tailored to your location, project requirements, and Council and Legislative guidelines.

Traffic Management Plans

Traffic Management Plans are also highly important to ensure the safety of all road users and site workers, and the smooth operation of work. They are more detailed than a TCP, and include information regarding works and road closures, and also any affects to the movement of traffic. These must also include management solutions for all road users including public transport services, emergency vehicles and cyclists.

Construction Management Plans

Construction Traffic Management Plans are not crucial, yet are highly important when projects impact road and traveller conditions. These include a variety of elements, including

Road Occupancy Licence (ROL)

Obstructing traffic and pedestrian movements in any manner requires a permit from Roads & Maritime Services, known as a ROL. Roads & Traffic Management Services understand the difficult requirements of the RMS and our regular interactions and relationship with them allow us to get your permits processed quickly.

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